Welcome to SNAKE RIVER POINTING LABS , a kennel that is family-owned and operated by Max, Karen and Justin Fowler, located at Heyburn, Idaho, on our 79 acre agricultural farm.  We are easily found just four miles South of I-84 - Exit 211 - in Southern Idaho.

Because our kennel sits about a mile from the mighty Snake River, we have ample opportunity to TRAIN our dogs in the Snake River as well as to HUNT upland and waterfowl, which is what the dogs and their owners live for!! 

In recent years, our dogs have had opportunity to hunt anywhere from five to seven days a week throughout the Idaho season - starting the first of September and ending the last week of January.  Our dogs are rotated on a daily basis to give each dog an equal amount of hunting fun! 

We have 13 APLA Certified Pointing Retrievers.  They have been proven in the field - the place where it counts the most!   They are relentless upland and waterfowl hunters! 

We are proud of our kennel building which was built by Max and Justin in the late 90's.  It consists of 12 indoor-outdoor, 17x5  concrete runs and includes an office, laundry room and bathroom, with heavy insulation, metal roof and exterior.  It has an underground septic system. 

 Our exercise area is a 180x70 lawn surrounded by chain link fencing. 

Visitors are more than welcome to come by and see for themselves our top-notch kennel.  Previous visitors and buyers have been more than pleased, and very impressed with the cleanliness, lay-out, and operation of our kennel. All visits must be pre-arranged concerning day and time.