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I have been hunting with Pointing Labrador Retrievers since 1984. Growing up on the banks of the Snake River in Southern Idaho gave me ample opportunity with my first pointing Labrador, Growler, to go for an upland hunt as well as a waterfowl hunt.

As of 2011, I still hunt over 100 days a season with my pointing labs, and have taken from these many hunts a true understanding of how important it is to have a well-trained gun dog to add to the excitement and enjoyment of a successful hunt!

I specialize in the training of hunting dogs,  and  have trained, hunted and titled all of the Sires and Dams (see menu item OUR DOGS) at our kennel, as well as trained the great majority of the pups produced at our kennel that are featured on our OFFSPRING page.  I have also had opportunity to train other pointing and retrieving breeds with great success.

Owners who are looking for a professional dog trainer will usually see “programs” that dog trainers use.  Most dog trainers use a “set-in-stone” course of training for every dog.  My training approach for each individual dog varies (sometimes greatly) to get the end result, which is to showcase the dog’s abilities in hunting, as well as in hunt tests and trials. I have honed this natural skill over the past 18 years.


Normally, the beginning course lasts 3 ˝  months; however, this time frame can vary. Dogs of any age, breed, or skill level are welcome.


Basic Obedience
Whistle Training
Upland pointing work
Waterfowl Training
     A.  Single Marks
     B.  Exposure to decoys
     C.  Being reasonably steady in duck blind

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Birds used are:  Pigeons, chukars, pheasants, ducks

Before further training, the dog should have a full hunting season under his belt using the skills that he has learned in the beginning course.

SECOND COURSE is for the hunter, trialer or tester who wants his dog trained to the next level, and includes:

      A.  Handling (all T work, swim-by, etc.)
      B.  Multiple Marks
      C.  Diversions
      D.  Difficult training set-ups
      E.  Honoring

       A.  Steady to wing & shot (for owners who request it)
       B.  Honing the dog’s natural pointing ability
              (this applies to all pointing breeds)

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I also offer specialized training for the dog that only needs training in one particular area such as basic obedience, force fetch, whoa breaking, etc.

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My training grounds consist of excellent cover, technical pond, shade trees, mowed grass, and I do have access to additional multiple training locations which contain ponds,
sagebrush, pasture, etc.