Deposits of $200 are required and will be counted towards the full purchase price.  Pick of pup depends on the order in which the deposits are received.  Documenting the preference of color and gender is required when sending the deposit.  If the puppy that you desired is not produced, your deposit will be refunded; otherwise, consider your deposit as your commitment.

Puppy will most likely be shipped by Delta Air Cargo from Salt Lake City, Utah.  We only use direct, non-stop flights to the buyer's nearest major airport.  Puppy cannot be shipped sooner than eight (8) weeks of age according to airline requirements.  Buyer is responsible for airline shipping charges which include the cost of the airline ticket, shipping crate, health certificate and our fee to deliver puppy to the Salt Lake City, Utah, airport.

Our sires, dams and puppies have the best veterinarian health care possible.  Puppies have dewclaws removed at 3-5 days of age, 2 sets of shots, are de-wormed and micro-chipped by eight (8) weeks of age.

Puppies are started on Crate Training from the time they are fully weaned and have had their first vaccinations (5 1/2 weeks of age).  We put each puppy in an individual small crate three (3) times a day for feeding.  As we put the puppy inside the crate, we say the command "Kennel".  We do this at every feeding for the remaining two weeks that they are in our care.  We have a crate training article that we give to our buyers explaining how to continue and finish the kennel training.  Our puppies are not released to go home until they are 7 1/2 to 8 weeks old.

Buyers will receive a "Puppy Package" approximately 3 weeks before the puppy is to be taken possession of.  You will be notified what date and time the puppy is to be picked up.  The package consists of the following:

For Sire and Dam:  Color Pictures, copies of documents (AKC pedigrees and titles; OFA certificates for hips, elbows: CERF certificates for eyes; etc.)

Puppy Vaccination, Feeding and Toy Guideline
Crate Training Article
Signed Health Guarantee
Location Directions to our Kennel
Motel and Restaurant Guide
Training Resource Guide
Contact Us Guide

Buyer will receive an AKC Litter Registration Application, Health Record, and sales receipt when balance is fully paid and buyer takes possession of puppy.