We have been hunting with a pointing labrador since 1984, when the first lab we owned - a big-hearted, yellow male that Justin named Growler Fowler - was, much to our amazement, a  staunch pointer!! 

Now, Justin is a third generation hunter in our family, as both of his grandpas were avid upland and waterfowl hunters as is his dad, Max.  In more than 30 years of Max’s hunting over various pointing breeds, he and Justin found that Growler more than held his own in the upland field.  During Growler’s lifetime, he showed us how grand it was to own a Pointing Labrador Retriever that could hunt  and point like a German Shorthair and still be an excellent retriever.  Unfortunately and sadly, Growler died  at ll years of age in 1995.  We will always credit Growler for making us aware of the wonderful Pointing Labrador Retriever breed.  It was truly an honor to be introduced to Labrador Retrievers by Growler’s superior example! 

After extensively researching various pointing labradors and their breeders, we acquired Sir Drake of Surrey in 1996.  Drake has more than lived up to our high expectations for an excellent pointing labrador as well as a wonderful family pet and hunting companion.  We have no need to ever hunt over any other breed other than a pointing lab. 

While we do enjoy achieving titles and ribbons through the American Pointing Labrador Association tests and the American Kennel Club  hunt tests, obtaining them  is not our main goal.  Our main goal is, first and foremost, to hunt over our pointing labs, and the second goal is to produce offspring that can carry on the same traits as our sires and dams.