CP Sir Drake of Surrey JH, SH



AKC # SN37057704

Born:  8/16/96

CERF:  Normal  2004 - LR19340/2004-92

OFA:  Good-LR90478G24M-T

DNA PROFILE:  #V275478  


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Drake, a 72 pound black mass of solid, rippling muscle, is a hunting professional!!  Drake's total Canadian goose retrieves as of the beginning of the 2005/06 Idaho Goose Hunting season   is an amazing 2,112 geese!!  He has tremendous ability to hunt from daylight to dusk, day in and day out, as evidenced in Idaho's 1999 bird season when Drake hunted 134 days out of a possible 137 days!  In Drake's hunting career, he has hunted, pointed and retrieved hundreds of wild ring -necked pheasant, Hungarian partridge, sharp-tailed grouse, blue grouse, sage grouse, chucker, and mourning dove. He is extremely intelligent, sensitive, big-hearted and is an excellent family pet as well as a dependable, eager hunting partner. 

Drake earned his AKC Senior Hunter title in May of 2004, a tremendous accomplishment considering the fact that he was 6 1/2 years old before he was even entered into an AKC Hunt Test.  Also--he was never force fetched nor taught to "hold".  He possesses a burning desire to retrieve!  Drake obtained his APLA Certified Pointer title at 21 months of age.  Justin is Drake's trainer and handler.

On March 30th, 2002, Drake placed Second in the Adult Division of a "Mock" Shoot to Retrieve Trial put on by the Southern Idaho Pointing Dog Association held at the Hagerman, Idaho, Wild Game Management area.  Out of a total of 28 pointers (including some field trial pointers) Drake was the only Labrador.  In his brace, Drake ran against an English Pointer field trial champion!

Drakes Pedigree

Drake's pedigree boasts of two legendary champions: 

Drake's Sire:  APLA Grand Master Pointer Retriever Sir Hershey of Surrey


Drake's Maternal Grandsire:  AFC Trievan Twist & Shout MH  

Sir Hershey was the 1988, 1989,1991,1995 Colorado Open State Pheasant Champion, 1995 in the true pointing division.  Hershey had 21 different hunting trial victories.  Drake has well over 70 field trial titles in his 7 generation pedigree on Hershey's side. 

Drake's dam is Creole of Black Forest whose  sire was AFC Trieven Twist & Shout MH. Twist was a natural pointing labrador, and sired a great number of natural pointing labradors.  Drake has well over 85 field trial titles in his 7 generation pedigree on Creole's side.   

Drake's full-blooded brother and littermate is APLA Grand Master Pointer Retriever Fauquier Sam of Black Forest.  (Documented www.offa.org)

Drake's half-brother is APLA Grand Master Pointer Retriever Cajun of Black Forest MH.

Sir Hershey sired both Drake and Cajun. 

Drake's maternal uncle  is APLA Grand Master Pointer Retriever Gumbo of Black Forest, MH.   

Creole of Black Forest and Gumbo are full blooded siblings

Drake truly has an outstanding pedigree full of the best of both world's - APLA Pointing Labrador Champions as well as AKC Field Trial Champions and Master Hunters.  However, the most important aspect to us has been, and always will be, Drake's outstanding hunting desire and performance in the field. 

AKC Pedigree available upon request.