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Heyburn, ID




Dam Requirements

The owner of the dam must submit copies of the following:

     1.  AKC registration

     2.  OFA Good or Excellent Hip Certificate from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (an OFA Normal Elbow Certificate is optional, but send if you have)

     3.  Current Eye Certification Certificate from Canine Eye Registration Foundation

     4.  Negative Brucellocis Test Result (Turn-around is 48 hours for a Brucellocis Test Result.  Test results cannot be more than a month old before she is bred.)

     5.  Proof of current vaccinations (including Rabies and Kennel Cough) from veterinarian


Stud Fee and Payment

Stud Fee is $1250.

A non-refundable deposit of $250 is due when dam comes to our kennel to be bred.  The balance of the stud fee is to be paid upon the birth of the litter, at which time the litter registration will be signed and returned by the stud owner.  For the balance of payment purposes, a litter is considered one or more live pups at birth.

Additional Fees for Owner of Dam

A charge of $250 for each round trip to pick up and to deliver the dam to the Boise, Idaho, airport or the Salt Lake City, Utah, airport.  Health Certificate fee is responsibility of owner of dam.

The dam must be at our kennel no later than the fifth day after she start "spotting" so that our veterinarian can do a progesterone test to determine when to start breeding.  If the dam needs veterinarian care for illness, or for side-by-side artificial insemination by our veterinarian, there is a $1.00 per mile charge in addition to all medical expenses. (120 mile round trip).  Veterinarian charges for artificial insemination, progesterone testing, etc., are the responsibility of the dam's owner.

Owner must bring the dam's food or inform us what food she is eating so that the dam will not suffer an intestinal upset from new food.  Owner will be responsible for food we must purchase.

Stud Owner's Responsibilities

We will make every effort to have 3 natural breedings, one every other day from 1st breeding.  If a natural breeding does not take place, or it is determined that it is not in the best interest for the health and safety of either dog, the attempt of a natural breeding will be terminated.  We will then take both Sire and Dam to our veterinarian for a side-by-side artificial insemination, with the permission of the owner of the dam.

The dam will be well cared for, and regularly exercised in clean surroundings.

All vet fees and travel fees must be paid to our kennel before dam is released to owner for transport home.